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Apple II era magazines

I really miss the excellent Apple II hobbyist magazines. The technical information and tips on hardware and operating system information always made me feel more comfortable with my Apple computer than I ever have with my new PC. They also provided a wealth of information for any budding applesoft and machine language programer. What where your favorite magazines for the Apple?

My favorites:

Nibble - Early on when I could not afford to buy all the software I wanted, Nibble magazine helped me build up an inexpensive software library. I spent a lot of long hours typing in the utilities, games and application software they listed out in their magazine. Nibble also got me started in my interest in learning how to program in applesoft. I have recently picked up a number of the Nibble Express volumes ( selected programs from that particular published year) and had quite a bit of fun exploring applesoft again.

InCider - I loved InCider for the broad amount of information they provided on the Apple II series. Dan Bishop's excellent monthly "Applesoft Adviser" answered more then a few of my applesoft basic questions. The Apple hints section was also pretty good....still remember typing in a little utility to select the drive and keep it spinning for cleaning. Their later coverage of the Apple IIgs was not bad either. Thanks to a member of this board I have aquired an almost complete set of the magazines for the years it was published. They have come in handy since I resurrected my old Apple II and IIgs.

(Hardcore) Computist - Like everyone else I picked up copy II plus, Locksmith and a few other copy utilities. For the most part they did a pretty good job of copying, in auto mode, protected software to give you a backup to your original....but not always. A good friend introduced me to after page of hacker input for removing copy protection from your programs so you could easily back them up. In the days of 5.25 and 3.5 diskettes making a backup was a real good idea Smile

I picked up other magazines here and there, but I stuck with the ones above....I am sure I missed some other excellent magazines, but I could not afford them all!


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I agree

The magazines I used were the following.

Compute!-- Although it was written for numerous systems i really enjoyed them. It was not as technically high end as nibble but i was a kid at the time and typing in the odd program. It really taught you a lot.

A+ A favourite non-technical magazine of mine just for the news. It later merged with incider.

Byte-- Although not a software oriented magazine like nibble or compute! it did have some of the best hardware reviews of computers period. There wasn't anything like it it. It was also good to look at the high end systems like Unix as well.

There were also some "seasonal" periodicals as well. There was one good one called the Apple II review that wasn't a monthly (iirc) but was packed with review after review of both software and hardware products.

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