Apple II Equipment For Sale

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Apple II Equipment For Sale

All of the following is for sale in the central Ohio area. Make me an offer. I will ship (you pay shipping some of the stuff is heavy) but if you are local we can work something out.


Qty Description

(3) Apple IIe all with super serial card and 80col/64k expansion card (all fully functional)
(1) Apple IIc+ (fully functional)
(1) Apple IIgs (fully functional) 4MB RAM, ZipGS chip, RAMFast RevisionD SCSI interface
MDIdeas system saver (The Conserver)
Rodime SCSI enclosure w/ 40MB hard drive GSOS 6.0.1/GNO
SCSI-2 CDROM drive with 800MB Apple IIgs software
mouse and keyboard
(1) AppleColor RGB monitor (fully functional)
(10) Disk II 5.25 disk drives (2 spin but dont read disks can be repaired or used for parts)
(5) Unidisk 5.25 disk drives (all fully functional)
(1) Laser FD 100 5.25 disk drive (fully functional)
(3) Apple 3.5 disk drives (all fully functional)
(1) Imagewriter II printer with DB25 to mini-DIN cable (fully functional)