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Extract file

I have Macintosh Classic and SE/30.
I also have Windows XP.

I want to install some applications to Macintosh.
However, I am not able to extract even I install stuffit expander in Windows XP.

Some of file extensions are .hqx, .sea.bin, .bin.

EX) When I decompress .bin file, folder is created and .data file is created which Classic can not read....

How Can I extract or decompress those extension files on PC?

Do I need OS9 or OS8?

Without them, I am not able to install some of good application...
right now, I only install application from floppy disk.

If someone has better knowlege, pleas elet me know.


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You need to leave the files a

You need to leave the files as the archive and transfer them to the Mac and unstuff them there. The Mac uses a filesystem that has both a data and a resource fork, which the PC does not understand.


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Thanks for reply.
Even I transfer file to Classic, I could not extract .hqx, .bin, .sea.bin and so on.

I install macdrive on XP and formatted floppy as Mac
But, System 6.0.7 does not have aplication for compress or decompress files.

I guess no solution until I get OS8, OS9 or OSX.

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