Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from iDweeb and iSillyGirl!

May your holiday season be full of family and friends. If you need a friend, you have one Smile

(shiny new macs are optional)

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Merry Christmas! My kids are

Merry Christmas! My kids are already having fun with the new Fisher Price keyboard topper thing so merriment is ensuing for sure. Having two computers hooked up on the same desk lets me browse the web while they play. Also, the latest update of WINE from the Debin/Ubuntu repos runs the Laugh & Learn software fairly well on Ubuntu 7.10, even though the Ubuntu provided WINE didn't even get it to install. And I had to swap out to a generic POS keyboard sot yhe topper would fit ok. Blargh, I'm already starting to plan a hack for the topper to make it a regular keyboard on it's own to solve the kids-smacking-it-and-misaligning-it problem. I can't believe they were selling this thing for $35 in places and it is just a push the button and it pushes another button below it kinda kludge...

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