OS 9 Won't read FAT or FAT32 USB Flash MP3 player

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OS 9 Won't read FAT or FAT32 USB Flash MP3 player

I have two small capacity USB Flash-based MP3 Players... one is older, 128mb, and the other is a newer 1gb. THe old 128mb one is formatted as "FAT" and when I put it in my 6500, os 9 recognizes the format as "Macintosh PC Exchange (MS-DOS)" File Exchange is doing its job, and if I go to format the drive, it even lets me format it as a DOS drive.

When I connect the 1GB player, my 6500 automatically prompts me to format because it's "unreadable by this Macintosh" regardless of whether its formatted FAT or FAT32. When it prompts me to erase the disk, I'm given four formatting options:

Mac OS Standard
Mac OS Extended
Adaptec DirectCD
Universal Disk Format

THe two mac OS formats won't help, Adaptec DirectCD is pointless, and i tried UDF but once it's formatted, it locks the disk (I guess UDF really IS only for optical media)... my PC can read it when formatted as UDF, but it doesnt let me transfer anything to it since it thinks it's locked.

Am I retarded? Is there a way to FORCE the MAC to format it as a dos disk through some other menu (Been using non-OSX Mac OS for years, I don't THINK I'm missing anything here)... or is there just the possibility that it's not compatible at all with my old machine? It's just annoying because I have two OTHER FAT32 formatted flash drives (normal storage, not an mp3 player), one is 512mb and hte other is 1gig and my 6500 picks them up fine.