What a lovely day!

It is really nice out today. So nice that I think I'll go out after dinner to a nice little spot in my woods where I have a hammock and I enjoy spending time. It's a little prayer garden of sorts, and it's a nice place to spend time. Thats one of the things I like about summer, me wasting time walking around in the woods, reading, meditating, walking, what have you. Nature is a wonderful thing.

I'm just going to stop saying that nothing interesting happend today, because nothing interesting ever does happen, or at least I never really remember it. Oh yeah, I got a nice Ludwig Speed King pedal from the school, T-Bone was throwing it out and said it should go to a good home. I'm going to degrease, regrease, polish, and generally fix up the thing. It's in really nice condition, and when I'm done I'll ahve a really sweet-ass (useable) vintage '50s bass drum pedal! It's worth like maybe $50 if it was really nice, so I'm not going to sell it. Actually, I wouldn't sell it anyway. It's just a really nice pedal.

Ummm, well, thats all that's happening around here today as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'll remember something else that happened, and I'll write about it. Chances are I won't.