FS: Apple IIgs Woz Edition ROM 0

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FS: Apple IIgs Woz Edition ROM 0

I'm selling the earliest IIgs in my stack. This IIgs has the Woz
Limited Edition cover and still has the original ROM 0 motherboard.
Mainly for collectors, because the ROM 0 motherboard does not run GS/
OS without upgrading the ROM to ROM 1. It does run ProDos and the
Apple II System Utilities, as shown in the pictures. If requested, I
can provide a copy of the latest System Utilities (the disk image is
available for download from Apple's web site).

The system includes an Apple memory expansion card with 256KB of
additional memory, expandable up to 1MB of additional memory. Also
included is an external Apple 3.5" drive that I use to boot up the
system. The included monitor is the standard AppleColor RGB monitor
connected to the 15-pin display port on the back of the IIgs.
Standard IIgs ADB keyboard and mouse.

Also included is an Apple ImageWriter II printer. The printer has
seriously yellowed in color, but I've tested it with another IIgs
running GS/OS and the installed ribbon seems to still have some ink on
it. I will include three additional color ribbons (one that I opened
to check and two unopened ribbons).

Selling for $?+shipping. Er, selling prices have been fluctuating
lately, from $50-$300, so make an offer.

Monitor and other stuff can be excluded to reduce shipping costs. The
IIgs has a composite display output connector that can be used with
standard NTSC displays with composite input (but not as clear as an
RGB display).

Pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/simplepractices/FSAppleIIgsWozROM0

Last seen: 11 months 2 weeks ago
Joined: Apr 1 2005 - 14:31
Posts: 117
This has been sold.

This has been sold.

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