Rare Mac Stuff

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Rare Mac Stuff

I have a few rare(ish) mac items to sell off to fund other purchases...

1. Mac SE/30 Ethernet card $20 shipped

2. Asante EN/SC SCSI-Ethernet adapter...works but does not include AC adapter $14 shipped

3. Asante AAUI-Ethernet adaptor. Useful for those centris/quadra/early powermac machines $9 shipped

4. Nubus Ethernet card $14 shipped

5. Seagate 18gb 7200RPM SCSI hard drive...(80 pin...INCLUDES 50 pin adapter) I do not know how to set the jumpers on this so I am not positive if it works. $15 shipped

Take the whole lot for $62 shipped! ( save $10!!)

I want to sell this stuff by Saturday night.....