powerbook g4 dvi with dead screen; any help appreciated

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powerbook g4 dvi with dead screen; any help appreciated

hi, i came across this forum and am hoping someone can help me.

so a friend of mine has a powerbook g4 dvi (867mhz), and he told me the screen died. he said if he had the screen at just the right angle it would turn on, but then it would die randomly. i have never seen this in action, i just have the laptop with me so i can't verify this. i can verify that the laptop boots when it is turned on. i don't have a dvi to vga connector so i didn't check to see if the video out was working.

i've torn the thing apart and removed the screen, and there is no damage visible to any of the cables coming from the screen which eliminates the idea of a shorting cable at certain screen positions. only after tearing it apart and searching around did i find that some people say that a bad inverter would kill the backlight and make the picture appear very dim and only viewable with a flashlight...i wish i would have known that before i tore it apart, but when i looked, the screen was dead...maybe it's so faint that i wouldn't be able to see anything, i'm obviously not sure.

thus, i wonder if anyone has any suggestions as to what may be causing this bad screen. should i just buy an inverter and see what happens? is it possible that the reed switch that turns the display off is bad? if so, where would that reed switch be? anything i'm not thinking of? any help is appreciated!