LaserWriter Select 360

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LaserWriter Select 360

I've had this LaserWriter 360 for years now and I finally got it set up on my network for use with all my newer Macs. I went ahead and got a brand new Apple tonor for it and it worked great...... for about 5 pages. Now it prints big grey splotches all over each page. This makes everything it prints totally worthless. Is there any way to fix this without buying a totally new tonor again? I don't feel like wasting any more money on such an old printer.

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bad toner cart?

Maybe you can return the cart for a replacement?

Have you tried running the engine self-test page? Not sure how you do that with a LWS360, on my LW630 there's a hidden button to press and it spits out a simple page of straight lines (just to check if the engine itself works.)

dan k

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