Firewire PCI Cards and Apple II stuff

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Firewire PCI Cards and Apple II stuff

Hi! I have a couple firewire PCI cards for sale. Need more firewire, or want to add firewire to your PCI mac? This is for you! I have one generic firewire card, pulled from a beige G3, It has 3 external firewire ports, and one internal.

I also have an Orange Micro OrangeLink PCI card. It has two external firewire connectors. I also have a IIgs Woz edition, in great condition. And, I also have spare rom 0 AppleIIgs boards if you would like to effect repairs. on your IIgs. Make me an offer. May be willing to trade.


PS: You can contact me on aim at the aim id: madeforxppro , the msn id , or on IRC at #ScratchDrive , with the nickname wthww.