FS: Apple IIgs

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FS: Apple IIgs

For sale is an Apple IIgs computer. It is in good condition both inside and out. It has been tested and works. It includes the IIgs computer only and I might throw in a printer interface card. It was tested yesterday and worked perfectly with a 3.5 disk drive and 5.25 inch disk drive. I will throw in a copy of the 5.25 inch disks:

Exploring Apple LOGO (Back side - The inside story)
Getting down to basic
Atarisoft Jungle Hunt

The computer does not include the ROM chip though, unless you want a ROM version 01 chip that has one broken metal contact. If you just want the disks, fine with me, email me with a price and I will respond ASAP. I can throw in a 3.5 inch disk drive with it too, it doesn't look good on the outside, but works fine, with no problems. The 3 disks are getting worn out and bent, but still work, so I would make a copy of them if you buy them. If you want I can even throw in 2 Beagle Bros. disks:

Beagle Brothers Pronto-DOS
Beagle Brothers Flex-Text

They are not in as good condition either but work good, I would make a copy of those when you receive them. I will also give you 2 disks to format to use for blanks. 2 5.25 inch disks, and I will even give a 3.5 inch disk. Thanks!

You can also email me at austinramsay@live.com or here. If you want an Apple IIe enhanced, read my other ad in these forums.
--- Austin Ramsay