The Lost Apple Videos on DVD

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The Lost Apple Videos on DVD

These should interest Apple II or Early Mac fans...

There are currently 2 DVD's... Volume 2's info is below and you can find them at:

They are $25 each or a set for $40.

They are also continuously available on eBay at:

Most ALL of the footage has not been seen by the general public, a couple of screen shots are here:

• Apple's Moment of Birth... An emergency call from Cramer Electronics to Paul Terrell owner of the budding "The Byte Shop", wanting to know if it was okay to sell raw components to "Two Guys" to build 50 Apple /'s.

• One reason Apple got it's name, "it put us ahead of Atari in the phonebook" says a laughing Steve Jobs.

• Colored Apple //s - Apple never shipped them, but had plans for colored //s similar to the color iMacs.

• Early Apple // breadboards

• Why we created Macintosh by Burrell Smith, Andy Hertzfeld, George Crow, Mike Murry and Bill Atkinson.

• Demonstration of the 128K Mac – From 1983.

• The Macintosh Factory

• Macintosh joins our 32-Bit Family, by Steve Jobs

• A very young Bill Gates proclaims: "Macintosh will be half our retail sales next year" and "Microsoft doesn't work with new hardware very often".

• Apple Electronic Binoculars

• The Fabled Macintosh Tablet

• Touch Screens and Object Based OS

and much more! these are really wonderful dvds so I hope you have a chance to view them.

send email to: macdrew@earthlink if you have questions. thanks... andrew