G4 Cube

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G4 Cube

I've decided that I can part with my G4 Cube, if anyone is interested. I have found it to be rather quirky, so be warned. Sometimes it just shuts down, which I think is a symptom of the power supply having the occasional bad connection. It generally works quite well. It also seems to be picky about monitors, so I've had to play with it for a while when I attach a different (CRT) monitor to it.

It has Mac OS 10.4.?
512mB Ram,
30gig Hard Drive,
450mhZ G4 Processor,
Standard slot loading DVD-Rom

Will come with keyboard and mouse, and can sell a 19 inch CRT separately if interested. Not sure what it's worth, I paid $270 for it about 9 months ago, so I am willing to negotiate price and how it's paid for.

Actually, if you have a G4 Pismo chip, I'll trade!