FS: 15" Powerbook g4 1ghz/512mb/superdrive/airport

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FS: 15" Powerbook g4 1ghz/512mb/superdrive/airport

I have a used titanium g4 for sale. It has some small 3 very small dents on the top, it has been hit in the corner (hardly dented the lcd frame or the bottom case but did leave the white plastic white part cracked though now held together with tape this is very small) it also has one other small crack on the top case but again this one was hardly noticeable. It will come with a Power supply (White apple bradded) and I have a dead battery (the battery is beat up a bit but it would be included if you want to fill that void it has been opened before and has two cracks in it on the top of it that you will not see since its the part that goes into the computer) Other then that there are only some scratches typical of a used computer. The screen is bright and I can not find any dead pixels there is some wear on it but is not very noticeable when the screen is on. It is running leopard with no problems but I will Have to reinstall 10.2 (to be legal) but at least you know it will run it. It has a 60gb hd, 512mb ram, airport.

Its a great computer Would like to get $550 via Paypal shipped/insured to any Paypal verified addresses in the continental USA, but I will consider reasonable offers. I can also provide some pictures (They may not be great quality but should be enough to see the condition)