USB External floppy Drives

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USB External floppy Drives

doing a bit of closet cleaning again,

8 of the VST USB floppy drives. Model number is FDUSB-M. These are known to be working drives. $12.50 each includes shipping via USPS priority mail

A Newton Keyboard. This got missed when I sold my Newton collection some time back. $14.95 includes shipping Via USPS priority Mail.

and a couple of PC items. Intel 2.26Gig CPU 512/533 fsb, SL6RY, 7311A204-0136 and a AMD Athlon CPU, AX1800DMT3C, AG0GA0203UPGW, 98384540297. The Intel was pulled from a Dell and the AMD was pulled from a PC Clone. $25.00 each includes shipping via USPS priority mail. The intel comes with the Heatsink and fan.......... Let me know