Now what? (NTFS-G3)

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Now what? (NTFS-G3)


After the thread "Anyway to do this?" I installed MacFuse and NTFS-G3 so that I could write as well as read from my external USB hotdrive that was formatted to move files from a PC. After installing NTFS-G3, and restarting, I get a dialog box about how NTFS didn't load. Now I can't see the USB external at all. Doesn't mount on desktop. I trying uninstall but that dialog box does nothing. I'm using a 17-inch iMac running 10.4.11.

Anybody got a clue as to how to get NTFS off this box?



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Hey there :)

I tried that little piece of software as well and was wondering how to get it off the hard drive. I found the following files on my mac:


In /System/Library/Extensions/ there is also a file "ntfs.kext", I dont know if NTSF3G changes something in that kext File ???

There are surely other files that will be installed, but these are the "obvious" ones to kill Blum 3

Anybody else got some info?

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