FS: several goodies

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FS: several goodies

Ok, so I need to know if there's any interest in a few things that I have here.

Canon PowerShot A610 5 MP digital camera in mint condition, very little use (comes with 3rd party lens adaptor kit with 3 different filters, a wide angle lens and a 2x zoom lens) original packaging/documentation included- make offer

160 GB SATA hard drive, barely used- make offer

1 GB PC3200 400 MHz RAM (1x1GB), lifetime warranty- make offer

Gemini CD200 Professional Dual CD Player, mint condition cosmetically, however, the left drive has trouble reading discs recently (may need cleaning, possibly new lens) Due to this and the fact that I hardly use CD's anymore, I'll ask $110 shipped for it.

iSight, Rev B, absolute brand new condition, all accessories and original packaging included- make offer

Griffin RadioSHARK, barely used, brand new condition, works wonderfully...just not with Leopard- make offer

Palm Tungsten E in excellent condition, wall charger, car charger, hard case with Apple sticker on it - make offer