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IIc Software

So I was wondering how to get software (say from the asimov FTP site) from the net onto my IIc? I have an 8500, a TiBook, and some breed of Pentium. Anyone of these machines can get the software but it's a matter of getting it off those machines onto my IIc and hopefully onto some of the spare 5.25 in disks I have laying around. Any ideas?

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Apple II software transfers to/from modern computers

You may not care for this answer, but it works, I use it.

Buy an enhanced Apple IIe(Ebay $10), the CF/IDE interface card (the maker still has about 40 left for about $125, I think, they are awesome and well worth it), a 8-128 Megabyte Sans (brand, the brand is important) Compact Flash card (Ebay $20), and a PMCIA/CF($16 @ Radio Shack or cheaper elsewhere) card.

Initialize the the CF card in ProDOS utilities, up to four, 32 Meg partitions. Use the PMCIA/CF card with your Ti Powerbook running a version of OS 9 or earlier, OS X won't recognize the Apple II initialized medium, but those sneaky programmers at Apple managed to keep it in until OS 9. It will only recognize the first partition, but the CF cards are so cheap these days that it makes a wonderful mass storage device on the A][.

Now you can download on a somewhat modern Mac, put it on the CF card, transfer the CF card to the IIe, and copy that floppy. Once you've done that, then you can use the system utilities to copy software from the ProDOS disk to a DOS 3.3 disk if you desire it.

Anyone looking to do this should note, Apple has eliminated the ability to boot OS 9 in the new Mac's. That was the decision of iCEO Steve Jobs, who is ashamed of the past, and demands that the future arrive sooner.


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