cleaning up a digitizer

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cleaning up a digitizer

Hey everyone. I just splurged on a fujitsu stylistic. The seller said the digitizer was mushy in some places, and even hilighted it in the pic. I see what they mean, it's difficult, but not impossible to press. I carefully took it apart, and removed the digitizer. I took a shop rag, and carefully wet it. There was some thin sticky residue in places, so I cleaned everything really well and carefully, and reassembled. I put in the original hard drive (the 40gb with windows 2000 I just installed got hosed, so I swapped in the original 6gb with windows 98SE). Upon booting, I did note the touchscreen was a bit more responsive, especially in the top area where it was almost dead, but along the upper right corner and side, it is still pretty hard to press.

This is one of those older liquid filled digitizers, where the pen is not required (as in the older ones it did since the pen took a battery). I did note there were some bubbles in the film, so I think it lost a bit of liquid, from what I have heard it is oil of some sort.

Does anyone know how to clean this up a little better, or even refill some of the liquid? if it uses just regular mineral oil, I have some of that, but would not know how to go about doing it.


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