atx or at power supply use macintosh problem

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atx or at power supply use macintosh problem

recently,I found out one thing,use pc atx can use any macintsh and apple II long as provide enough volt can use it.but it too big to put in the case.first time used at power supply,I can power up the macintosh easily.but when I used atx to mac II was I have got result.just only atx can use old mac.does any one has this can share it and join this topic.

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Wow, I'm a little confused bu

Wow, I'm a little confused but I believe you are asking if anyone has converted an old Apple or Mac to ATX?
If so, the answer is yes. I've used ATX with Powermac G3's, both beige and blue + white, thats pretty easy.
I also hacked an ATX to run my PowerMac 6100 when its original supply died, and used the very same ATX powersupply to run my 7200 when I retired the 6100.

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There's a good article on ATX

There's a good article on ATX power supplies for pinouts, adding switches, etc. here.

For using an ATX supply with soft-power Macs (outside of the nearly ATX compatible G3 and G4 desktops, you'll find some models use a +5V for power on, rather than the ground like the ATX uses.

This thread has links-a-plenty on the lampshade iMac ATX conversion, and should have what you need for converting those Macs that use the +5V power on.

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