Ring in the old . . .

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Ring in the old . . .

. . . to heck with the new . . . or something like that. I felt like hanging out with you guys for a bit, I've got a question about grafting new and older technologies together.

I've just finished the bezel modifications required for upgrading the LCD in my beloved, but sadly deceased, PowerBook100 to one from a 2300c. I'd really like to use the original analog (rehostats?) board and twisty knobs to feed the blips or whatever it is these newfangled digital things need, into the button actuated circuit on the 2300c LCD's inverter board. I know this is a little off topic, but it's bound to be an issue you guys are going to need to work out eventually for hacking old time analog toys together with the digital crud out there nowadays for playing with your replicas.

If anybody knows analog to digital workarounds on 'fritter, I thought this'd be the place. I know next to nothing about how to design a circuit to do this, does it sound like a big deal? It doesn't seem like it ought to be from what I've read in the TTL and CMOS CookBooks. But I'm really a neophyte when it comes to pushing electrons, I'd rather stick to the stuff I know and have fun with, can anybody lend a hand?

jt (AKA Trash80toG-4 over in the old A1 forum)