New HeatSink for my R9200

So I bought this Yosemite (Rev 2) G3 about 6 months ago from the college I was a student at, for $100. 450 MHz G3, 256 MiB RAM, 6 GiB Maxtor HDD, 16 MiB ATi Rage 128 Pro (no dvd decoder daughtercard) and a CD-ROM and a Zip 100 on the machine. Ever since, I've been upgrading her, piece by piece. First was the CPU. Bought a PowerForce G3 1.0 GHz ZIF, then I bought a 40 gig Seagate HDD from a friend, and cannibalized a 120 gig hard drive from a LaCie FireWire enclosure with a flaky FireWire board. After that I got a Kensington ADB trackball and a MicroSpeed KB105M ADB keyboard (which has FOUR ADB jacks on it, so it's a combination keyboard and ADB hub). Next I replaced the CD-ROM drive with a DVD-ROM+CD-RW combo drive, and then bumped up the RAM from 256 MiB to a gig. Finally, last month I bought a Radeon 9200 Mac Edition to replace the stock Rage 128 Pro. I've been working on finding ways to improve cooling to enhance this machine's lifespan (I want her to last as long as possible) so I decided to look into better heat-sinks for the graphics card and processor. So far I'm still using the stock CPU heatsink but I hope to get a custom replacement made of copper in the near future. For the graphics card, I bought a copper heatsink designed to cool an ATX mobo's northbridge. I'd measured the distance between the pushpin holes for the heatsink that came pre-installed on the Radeon before shopping 'round to find a good copper 'sink that'd fit. Along with the new 'sink I ordered some thermal compound and thermal compound remover to get the residue from the stock heatsink's thermal pad off the chip. Used the thermal compound I bought to improve the junction of the CPU and its heatsink too.



Still looking for copper 'sinks to apply to the card's RAM chips (128 MiB total of DDR graphics RAM) which are NOT BGA chips and which are on both front and back (so 4 RAM chips, front and back equals 8 'sinks for them) Any tips on where to get the RAMsinks would be greatly appreciated.

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Comments sells ramsinks. i bought about 16 of them so far from different companies, but the ones i like the most came from thermaltake.

...they're for BGA RAM chips. These aren't BGA. I'm gonna be installing some really small heat-sinks on the card's MOSFETs soon. 2 on the same side as the GPU heatsink and one on the back.