Best A/V input method for an mirrored panel G4

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Best A/V input method for an mirrored panel G4

Looking at my (ADC) G4 tower (the one with the printer that is not working), and my satelite receiver, I am wanting to import video directly to the Mac and watch it on my 20" cinema display. The current video card is a GeForce4 Ti 4600 with 128 MB VRAM.

...and before you ask, the receiver is already set up to support 2 TVs, the 1st of which is in another room and the 2nd intended to be this Mac. The purpose here is to, at a minimum, watch satelite TV on the Mac screen and/or satelite radio already provided for by the current setup.

I currently have no RCA, S-Video, or digital inputs on the Mac (natively or via PCI card). What is the most practical card to to bring the A/V in to the Mac for my purposes?


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I've got an old Pinnacle Syst

I've got an old Pinnacle Systems DC30+ PCI card in one of my Quicksilvers running 10.4.11 which, along with BTV, produces good quality video. It has composite and S-video inputs and outputs. The audio in/out requires a dongle. I picked it up on eBay a year or two ago for pretty cheap. The driver and preference pane has been updated by someone outside Pinnacle, IIRC.

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