Q: What in blazes is this? Small PCB with a Aluminum Heat Sink

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Q: What in blazes is this? Small PCB with a Aluminum Heat Sink

Q: What in blazes is this? Small PCB with a Aluminum Heat Sink

Okay people I will have to take a few snap shots of this item to post here for you to view so you get a better understanding of what I'm looking at but here goes.

I have in front of me a small PCB board which looks similar to a SIM PCB which is 3.75 " in width and .75 " in hight.
It has the following silk screened on side 1 along the top edge left to right
Left: 0428 (inverse), 94V-0
Center: LITEON, DD-1151-2C REV: X3
The contacts along the bottom are Gold Plated it seems but not like the normal setup for RAM.
It goes in the following pattern:
(3) Squares, (1) Vertical Rectangle, (5) Squares, (1) Vertical Rectangle, (5) Squares, (1) Vertical Rectangle, (2) Squares, , (1) Horizontal Rectangle: equals a Square + Vertical Rectangle, a Notch, (10) Thin Vertical Rectangles about 1/2 width of the Vertical Rectangle.
There are (7) spaces for electronic from left to right with the first (3) filled with a square items labeled 'UITEC or U|TEC
then a space and then three more of the same item and there are a few more elesctronics farther to the right.
There is a Aluminum Heat Sink which has a lip along the top and covers most of the back of the PCB with two screws holding it in place. On top of the heat sink is a white label which reads:
DD-1151-2C1 (Space) Rec.x1
PL:0A (Space) DC:0433

Just found this in a box of stuff I got and just wanted to know what it was and used for - maybe one of you out there may recall off the top of your head.
Thanks as any help would be helpful before I toss this and later realize it was a needed or useful part Smile
Picture to follow.

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A picture would be a lot more helpful then a verbal description, but if I had to take a wild guess I'd say it's a VRM. (Voltage Regulator Module.)


VRMs are for the most part application specific. They're commonly used on Pentium Pro and above server motherboards, but you might find them in any number of other things. The Beige G3 Power Macs had a swappable VRM. So unless you have the matching motherboard or whatever it fits it's useless to you. Of course, if you throw it out then whatever it went to is useless as well, should you find it deeper in the box.


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Post a pic or a scan of the item in question.

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