Clamshell SE help

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Clamshell SE help

Hello, new to macs. My dad had a clamshell on his desk at work (at the bottom, under everything else) for at least a year. So I snagged it. I'm not much for Macs but it's a laptop, and it was free Smile

Original specs when I got it:
PowerPC G3
Mac OS 9.0.4
Mac OS ROM 5.3.1
64MB memory

512MB memory
Airport card
New adapter (65W)
Xubuntu 6.04LTS --> upgraded to 8.04LTS

my model:

Runs nice cept a few problems, I've asked on the Ubuntu forums but no luck.
1) it runs hot, very hot to where I dont want to touch the underside. Fans are always running. Even when it's just sitting there
2) it wont recognize that the battery is in. I even went so far as to get a new battery cause I thought the other one was dead. It has a charge when I first got the computer and turned it on but it would never charge. Figured since the adaptor was burnt in places that was the problem...nope. Went from home to school and the clock didnt reset so I'm guessing it's taking something from the battery? Tried reseting PMU, taking battery out and trying to reset, etc etc. Got a new adaptor so I know that's not it, got a new battery. Could it be a problem with Ubuntu or is it the clamshell? Guess it's the DC board but is there anything I can do to check that before taking the whole thing appart?
Ubuntu sometimes after restarting shows either:
1) running from AC only (plug icon)
2) battery at 100%, battery state cant be determined, running from AC (shows full green battery icon with plug on side) or
3) running from AC, battery state cannt be determined (empty battry).

now reads (with empty battery icon)
Device Info
product: Battery Bay
Percentage charge: 0%
Technology: unknown
Current charge: 0.0 Wh
Design charge: 3.4 Wh
still says running from AC
battery state cant be read
and battery charge time unknown

Should I try another LinuxOS besides Ubuntu? Any help appreciated.

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after doing http://www.applef

after doing I get

then after a few minutes they both read 'missing' as status

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