WTB Apple IIgs

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WTB Apple IIgs

Im looking for a IIgs any model preferably Woz Special Edition with color monitor.

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Looking to clean out closet (on demand)..

I have an Apple IIgs w/color monitor, a Kensington System Saver, a 5 1/4" and 2- 3 1/2" floppy drives, a 56k modem card and an Apple ImageWriter II with 2 spare color ribbons.

Has only been used sporadically by the 'little ol' school teacher' in the family to print banners.
Unsure what OS is on it. When it is started up, Print Shop comes up and away we go...

If you're still in the market let me know... although it must weigh a ton by today's standards.

Bob K. rnkiii

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