HOW TO: Change the Dock's Finder icon in Leopard (10.5)

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HOW TO: Change the Dock's Finder icon in Leopard (10.5)

How To: Change the dock's Fnder icon in Leopard.

Firstly, you are going to need to open up /System/Library/CoreServices/

The easiest way is to type 'cd /System/Library/CoreServices/' in terminal, and hit return. Then type 'open .'

You will need to edit the finder.png file, using whatever image editing program you prefer. Best way to go is to make a copy of the original, and stash it somewhere, then edit finder.png If you want to make a new one from scratch, remember it must be a .png file, and it must be the same size and DPI as the original finder.png.

Ok, now that you have got that done, you need to delete the dock's icon cache file, or your new icon will not show up. Using spotlight (with the flags set thusly: System FIles Include), find and delete the file called

Now, log out and back in again, reboot, or use the terminal to kill the dock.

You should now have a shiny new finder icon!