Macintosh PLUS Promblems :O(

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Macintosh PLUS Promblems :O(

hey guys.. I got an old Mac PLUS here... I believe it has disk drive issues... When I bootup the Mac with a 3.5 floppy in it , it gives me a little icon in the middle of the screen , shows a sad face and below it, it says 0F0008? or something like that.. I take out the disk , reboot and it goes too the hard drive that is installed.. Plus the eject button does not work correctly :O( I have to use a paper clip to get the disk out! Does anyone know if replacing the disk drive 3.5 that is , is a difficult procedure? Or would it be easier to hook up an external 3.5 drive?


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The 680x0 Macs and Lisa forum

The 680x0 Macs and Lisa forum is probably a better home for this:

But it sounds like there's either a problem with your floppy disk, the drive itself, or both. Not sure which, though. After booting from the hard drive, will the floppy format a blank disk for you?

The eject "button" (if your drive even has one - the Mac Plus case certainly doesn't) doesn't actually eject disks on early Macs. You eject a disk by dragging it to the trash icon on the desktop. You can certainly add an external floppy disk drive; here's a guide to what's compatible:

Cleaning a 3.5" disk isn't particularly hard, just fiddly. It's also deep inside the Mac Plus case which needs a really long torx screwdriver to get open in the first place. Using an external floppy drive is definitely simpler. Smile

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I believe you can eject a dis

I believe you can eject a disk by holding the mouse button down while it boots.
Adding an external will definately be better than opening up a plus which was famous for being one of the hardest macs to be opened (as mentioned).
I beleive you can also use disk drives from the later aged apple II line of 800K disk drives provided they had the same connector (not the type that connected to the card of peripheral card).

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