FS: Apple IIgs-related software and manuals

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FS: Apple IIgs-related software and manuals

Opened up one of the boxes I keep and saw a bunch of IIgs stuff (hardware, games, manuals). Time to trim down on the IIgs stuff I don't have time to tinker with.

The official hardbound reference books from Addison-Wesley:
Apple IIgs Toolbox Reference Vol 1 & 2, thick, heavy, $25 shipped

TML Pascal for the Apple IIgs: Manual, Registration Card, $15 shipped
Original package cost $125. Manual dated 1987 v1.0. I tried looking for the disk, in vain. Disk image is available from the net at large. High-quality manual content.

5 issues of the "8/16" Apple II Technical Journals from Ariel Publishing circa 1990, $15 shipped

Included shipping is only for the lower 48. Additional shipping (at cost) to ship beyond that.

Original disks and manuals:
Gauntlet $7
Pipe Dream (includes decoder wheel, for lack of a better word) $7
Uninvited $7
Questmaster. (disks and manual) $7
Deja Vu. (disks and manual) $7
Shadowgate. (disks and manual) $7

Original disks, manuals, boxed:
Omega (boxed) $20
Windwalker (boxed) $20
Beyond Zork (boxed) $15

Original disks only:
Warlock $4
Reach for the Stars $4
Star Saga One $4 (not really useful without the manuals and other stuff)
Dark Castle $4
Halls of Montezuma. (disks only) $4
Qix. (disk only) $4

Xenocide. (boxed, authographed by Brian "orcus" Greenstone). Make an offer.

Pictures are available in the latter part of the album at:

Shipping from zip 97124.