Vacation is still technically going on, but...

...For most of us, it's pretty much over. In half an hour it will be 12, thusly, I'll have 12 hours of vacation left. Most of that I'll spend asleep, but for my waking hours, I've got homework to worry about. The Great gatsby is out of the way, and it diodn't suck TOO much, and the jazz album I had to listen to got taken care of a while ago, but I have a 6 page long science essay to do, which blows total chunckage. Munsen did his paper on the same thing (ergotism - it was something that was and is a natural precursor to LSD. DON'T DO IT! there are no resources on it!) in like an hour, which is good. Mrs. G is a science teacher, not an english teacher, so hopefully that'll do me some good.

Mad hangage at my house yesterday, what with David, Munsen, b.dex, and b3|\|d3r. Also a lot of family friends came, and we all chilled. I had to change my screen name because Munsen was being silly as &*^% with my old one to little children. PLOON! Great night, I'm glad I got to do so much cool shit with my friends this vacation. Time well spent indeed.

I suppose it's time for me to leave now, and get to work on this science paper from hell that I've been putting off forever. Oh drat, I really don't feel motivated to do ANY work at all, really.


**Song of the moment: "Smeared" by Vic Thrill**