iBook Logic Board Component Smashed

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iBook Logic Board Component Smashed

Hi. Sorry if there's a topic similar to this, I really didn't know what to search for that wasn't incredibly vague.

Short version:
Take a look at the included pictures, one's a closeup and one's just to get an idea of where I'm talking about on the motherboard (facing the screen, its on the left near the modem port. I've got a 14" 1.4 GHz iBook G4 Mid 2005. I accidentally crushed the middle one of three components near the (I think) Power Button motherboard connector. I circled in red which one I foolishly destroyed. Can anyone tell me exactly what that is and what its specifications are so I can replace it? Maybe a schematic or something? (Or even just a better place to ask or start looking, or better search terms?)

Long version:
My 14" 1.4 GHz iBook G4 (Mid 2005) (Final PowerPC Model) had its optical drive start to eat discs, not read them, not return them, so I opened it to take out the drive and try to fix it. Couldn't make it worse, I figured, but along the way two really flimsy connectors to the motherboard were pulled off during disassembly. I'd like to think I'm reasonably good at fixing things, I've got an alright record anyway, so I knew I was just going to deal and solder them back on. Got around to trying to solder them back on, but I thought buying a Cold Heat Soldering Iron off Think Geek was a good idea at the time, and its enormous tip was ill suited to the task and I had a difficult time making the connections small enough. I finished up one and got to the connector for I believe the power button, but my connections were too close. So I was trying to separate them, but my tool slipped and I crushed one of three tiny little logic board surface mounted components right near the connection. See pictures. The one I crushed is circled in red in the close-up. I was soldering the white connector back on, you can see how poor a job was being done with that Cold Heat tool.

I have to wait to figure out what that part is before I can fix it, so I'm without my trusty, productive, helpful laptop. Anyway, I've taken electronics classes, but I'm still unclear what exactly I destroyed. My best guess is a diode of unknown flavor, since resistors and capacitors shouldn't serve too much purpose on a DC motherboard, and it only has two connections, or looks like it only has two. I really don't know though.

Anyway, I've still got access to the electronics lab at my university or if its common (or can be constructed from common pieces) maybe Radio Shack is an option. I've since bought a nice Weller Soldering Iron and it works much better even if it seems less fancy. So, I'm confident I can remove the remnants of whatever I crushed and replace it with something not surface mounted, but that's my problem. I hope some of you knowledgeable folks can help me figure out what it is I need to replace. Is it a diode? What type of diode? What specifications? Et cetera. A schematic of some kind with similar information could work. Or maybe someone has the ability to test what it is on their iBook? Anything like that would be fantastic.

I know I don't want to replace the whole board because even off eBay that costs $200+ and that's way out of my student income, especially for a problem like this, where the replacement component probably won't cost more than a few dollars at worst. I've still got an almost entirely good board with working graphics, ram, processor and everything except that missing component. I've been afraid to turn it on since I think it could cause more damage without that component there.

Okay. I think I tend to write thoroughly but not clearly, so hopefully I got the important stuff across, I should just post this now.

Thanks so much, in advance, for any help!