karateka famous game of apple II

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karateka famous game of apple II

recently, I aquired apple II karateka game.it can remind me kid's memory. special thanks cyberfriend mr.2Eor2C assist.and now,I usually play this collect game.it is so funny and it is so easy to the end.I feel it is differcult level is eagle.I just use my hand to beat eagle.hahaha.

somethime I can go on to next level.last master is tall and strong.I must be careful.but somehow I can lesten to victory music.beware,I can't stop in front of princess.if I do it.I will kicked by her.

I just search this forum for this game.I found it is so few.I don't know why??as a matter fast.this game was sold 500000 all around the world.this company is broderbund.it is master piece of it.I played it and suddenly I remind 1984 years.every business store displyed this game.and every customer holded joystick play it.so funny and sweet.every cyberfriend.apple II games let you remind something???let's talk this apple II games.you will feel so sweet and never forget.