For Sale: PowerBook G3 'Wallstreet' parts.

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For Sale: PowerBook G3 'Wallstreet' parts.

I've got a complete PowerBook G3 'WallStreet' in that needs a replacement logic board (the machine boots, but does not display any video). Everything else on it is good, so, i'll be selling everything except the logic board). Let me know what you want / need and i will quote a price. Please note:

Shipping anywhere in the US, via USPS.
Payment via PayPal.

Fell free to PM me with availability inquiries / questions / etc...

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What model wallstreet (I,II,

What model wallstreet (I,II, CPU, HD, CD or DVD)?

I think I have a few logicboards laying around if you wanted to get it back up and running. Otherwise what HD do you have and what are you looking to get?

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