PC => MAC => Apple IIgs problem

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PC => MAC => Apple IIgs problem

I have bought an old MAC LC630 to transfer files to my lovely Apple IIgs. The IIgs has an external SCSI hard disk, so I'm transferring the files this way.
I download *2mg files on PC and extract them with CiderPress (with marked Add files extension). After that I'm writing the folder with the game to CD, reading it on the MAC and writing to SCSI hard disk. After connecting the SCSI hard disk to Apple IIgs and the loading of the GS OS 6.1 I'm opening the folder and the gs list the files with S16, BIN, SYS files, but at right it writes that these are ASCII files, so after clicking on the S16 file (or some other) file, the IIgs open it with TEACH.
Can you tell me where I'm wrong?
Thanks in advance and best regards,