Hot WHeels Computer for sale

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Hot WHeels Computer for sale

I have a Patriot Hot Wheels computer for sale. The PC itself works fine (I did have to change the disk drive, so it is not blue), along with all the peripherals.

The monitor however does not work. I know my computers, but I don't know monitors, so I haven't touched it. The monitor will not power on. I can exclude the monitor if you want to save on shipping, but it may be fixable, or at least if required, a new tube could be placed inside the housing (although I don't believe it is a problem with the tube).

I will include all of the original games and disks, and the steering wheel and pedals (all still work).

I'f you're interested, please make an offer and send me your zip code so I can calculate shipping from Florida (and indicate whether or not you want the monitor included). Here's links to pictures (a second, gray monitor is shown, but not included, it is only there to demonstrate the PC works):