Apple 1 ROM Dump ( 6301-1J x 2 )

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Apple 1 ROM Dump ( 6301-1J x 2 )


It appears the ROM Dumps from the Apple 1 are no longer available on this site (The old link posted by Vince Briel gives 404). Does anyone have these file(s)?

I know the monitor code is listed which I have, but I am looking for what I assume is going to be 2 separate files, one dump from each 6301-1J chip?

If you have these files, can you please post them?


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Roms available in dinaao

Hello servobit,

If you download dinaao-1.1 from, it includes the binary rom dumps from a replica1, which contains all the Apple 1 rom data you would need.

The first 4k is WOZ Basic.
The last 256 bytes is the WOZ Monitor.
Various versions of Krusader 6502 assembler/debugger fills up the middle bits.
The roms.txt file explains the different versions and where they came from.

I've also included the Cassette and CFFA1 roms, but I haven't emulated those hardware parts yet.

Hope this helps.

- jgilbert

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I put them in a zip file on m

I put them in a zip file on my site:

Apple I ROMs

A1 is low order nyble of the Apple 1 board
A2 is the high order nyble
A3 is the cassette board low order nyble
A4 is the cassette board high order nyble

Remember, these are 4 bit ROM's.



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