Cowtown Computer Congress - Kansas City Hackerspace

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Cowtown Computer Congress - Kansas City Hackerspace

ax0n and I are members of a nifty place in Kansas City, MO - - CCCKC
Anyone who is local should feel free to drop by for membership meetings on Thus. nights, or if you are in town or passing through contact someone (myself or other members) and we can most likely arrange to get you down to see the space. We are in a cave! Yes, a real cave 84 feet underground. We've got several interesting projects running, and we evenn have a space "mascot" of sort, Gustav the robot butler who tweets on @_Gustav_ on occasion.

The space would make a great place to stop by for anyone who comes to town for KansasFest as well, and it's mostly on the way up to The Surplus Exchange, which is another place 'fritter critters would probably like to visit when in town.