Dead SCSI on Performa 5260 logic board.

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Dead SCSI on Performa 5260 logic board.

Firstly, hi all. Smile Haven't posted on here in yeeeeaaars...i think this is actually my first post since AF switched to Drupal in 2004. For those who weren't here back in the day, or otherwise don't remember, I'm LCGuy over at the 68kMLA and on a couple of other places.

Anyway, the other day I was lucky enough to pick up a free Performa 5260. however, it seems that just like my other 5260 logic board, which I've been running in an LC630 shell for the last 5 years, its SCSI bus is dead. Neither internal nor external SCSI devices work. IDE works fine, as does the rest of the machine, but no matter what I do, I cannot get any devices on the SCSI bus to function, or even be recognised.

When the SCSI bus on my first 5260 board went out, I blamed it on a dodgy hard drive that I was testing on it that I picked up from the nearby tip shop. However, after getting this 5260, I'm now starting to wonder if maybe its a common issue with the Performa 5260 logic boards. Has anyone had this happen to them before, and if anyone's fixed it, how did you fix it? Thanks in advance!