take apart adb II mouse (m2706)

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take apart adb II mouse (m2706)

Hi, I was recently at Maker Faire ( a faire with all sorts of weird stuff like robots, lego etc..) And there was a destructo area in which you were suppose to make something out of old electronic e waste. As I was digging through the pile I found these very sad four mice. Picture: http://www.applefritter.com/node/24201

As you can see three of them had their tails clipped but one doesn't. One (m2706) has a tail but no ball. Another one with it's tail clipped has a ball . The problem is the ball and ball holder doesn't fit into the mouse with a tail ( I don't know why). So with all these mice it would be nice to make at lease one that works. just to note: I also found a new might mouse with a tail. So if you have any knowledge of taking apart these mice please post.

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Have you tried peeling off th

Have you tried peeling off the sticky label on the underside to expose the screw hole?

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You'll need a small Phillips

You'll need a small Phillips screwdriver for the ADB mice. As mentioned, there's two screwholes under the printed label on the mouse underside. They're at the extreme right and left of the label. If you run the screwdriver or a fingernail over the label you should be able to find the holes.
I've never bothered removing the label, and just punch through it with the screwdriver.

The hockey-puck mouse...haven't taken as many of them apart, but I remember you start by unscrewing the plastic that holds the mouse ball in, then at the back of the mouse, there's a point where the two blue or graphite (mouse colour depending) pieces of plastic meet, and you can slip a fingernail under and pry the plastic out. Just go slowly and gently to not break any of the tabs.
At some point after that, I believe there's a Phillips screw or two, but my memory fails me there.

Looks like cables will be your biggest challenge. Wink

If all else fails, Mac mice make good model-building fodder:
Link 1
Link 2 The red model is made from two bottom-halves of an ADB II Mouse, and if you scroll down to the green hovertank, that's a complete ADB II Mouse, plus a lot og extra greeblies.

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Thanks. I haven't peeled off

Thanks. I haven't peeled off the stickers yet. I will try and peel them off next time I get around to pulling the mice out.

And by the was I really like the pictures of mice transformed in to stuff.

Also the Evil Block Company was suppose to be L E G O. I will try to document the process of opening the mouse.

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Evil Block Company was automatically used to replace that word due to threats of lawsuit from said company. So from thereon, any time that word is used, the forum automatically translates it to Evil Block Company.

Sorry dude, that's how companies role...

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