FS: PowerBook Duo 2300c package

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FS: PowerBook Duo 2300c package

Would like to sell my whole PowerBook Duo 2300c package. The Duo 2300c was the last of the compact Duo series and features an active matrix color screen. Originally retailed for $3000+

This Duo 2300c comes with a 750MB drive and 20MB RAM. I will throw in 2 additional 20MB Duo RAM modules in case the 12MB RAM card inside the 2300c needs to be replaced. This unit also has the modem card installed and comes with the original power adapter. It has OS 8.5 installed.

Included in the package:
Duo MiniDock, making ADB, SCSI, floppy, and display (DB-15) ports available for use
Duo Floppy Adapter, making ADB and floppy ports available for use
Duo external floppy drive
HDI-30 to DB-25 SCSI adapter (to make use of the more common DB-25 SCSI cables)
DB-25 to Centronics-50 SCSI cable (to hook up your external SCSI hard drive or CDROM)

The laptop display is iffy. The backlight does always turn on, but on some reboots, nothing is displayed in the lighted screen (see some of the pictures). Sometimes, the regular screen appears. I'm not a hardware guy so I can't troubleshoot it. What I remember doing recently was swap the 12MB RAM modules -- don't know if it is a possibility that the currently installed 12MB module is defective and causing the problem.

I've tested the external display port on the MiniDock and the screen comes out right on my LCD screen (using a cheap DB-15 to HD-15 adapter available from lots of places in the net).

Selling for $75 shipped to the lower 48.