WTB: Apple IIgs

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WTB: Apple IIgs


Im getting into 8-bit hardware development and I have found that my stash of IIgs parts are missing from my storage unit from a break-in. With that in mind, I'm on a lookout for IIgs units (ROM3) with 3.5 inch drives. Because the monitor was so heavy (still in the box and only has a couple hours of on-time) it was the only thing still there. I'm still in college, but I enjoy 8-bit machines and being able to develop software on a IIgs would be a fun activity, plus I'm starting to get into making some hardware cards for the IIgs (after I figure out how the accelerators work)

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Hi, I sent you a PM, I have

I sent you a PM, I have some Rom01 you can have for the price of shipping. Since your got stolen, and you are going to try to enhance the community.

Take Care

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