Vintage Working Apple Lisa 2/5 in original box with 10MB Profile

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Vintage Working Apple Lisa 2/5 in original box with 10MB Profile

For Sale: Lisa 2/5 - Best offer over $500 + S/H from US Zip 55068

Model Number: A6S0300 (Lisa 2) with memory option A6S0304
Serial Number: A3336111
Manufactured: 3336
Original Lisa mouse: A9M0050 (This is the original style with the narrow button)
Lisa keyboard: A6MB101 (Includes the Lisa help pull-out cards underneath)

Also included is a rare 10MB Profile hard disk, model A9M0100. (The 5MB Profile disks were much more common.)

The original Lisa shipping box is included, but the box shows some significant wear. The serial number on the shipping label on the side of the box matches the serial number on the Lisa, though the label on the box is partially ripped off.

This Lisa is in good condition. The NiCad battery pack has been removed. There was some leakage from the battery, but it has been cleaned up. The case plastics are in excellent condition, and are all uniform in color with minimal yellowing. The Profile drive has a few light surface scuffs on the front of the case, and has a few scratches on the rear metal case plates. There is a subtle difference in the shade of the plastic between the top and bottom of the Profile drive, which makes me believe the top plastic was replaced at some point in the past.

This Lisa has 1MB of RAM (A second 512K board was installed as an upgrade). The internal 400K floppy drive has been lubed up and is in good working condition. The screen is nice and bright, with NO SCREEN BURN-IN. The power supply is the 1.2A version, standard with this model.

The 10MB Profile drive is a bit of a rareity. The Lisa 2/5 configuration originally shipped with a 5MB Profile hard disk. The 10MB Profile provides as much storage as the internal Widget hard disk found in the Lisa 2/10 configuration. Most of the 10MB Profile drives that I have come across are not in working condition. This one works good.

This Lisa has the latest "H" boot ROMs installed and currently has a fresh install of the Lisa Office System (version 3.1) along with the following applications: LisaDraw, LisaWrite, LisaCalc, LisaList, LisaGraph, LisaProject, and LisaTerminal. This Lisa will also run Macintosh applications, using the included MacWorks program.

Included in this auction: Lisa 2 computer in original Apple shipping box with 1MB of RAM, 10MB Profile hard disk drive with original Apple interface cable, two-port parallel expansion card, keyboard, mouse, power cables, original screen anti-glare filter, Lisa 2 owner's guide with slip-cover.
I am also including fresh copies of the Lisa Office System, Lisa Guide, the Lisa 7/7 tools, and MacWorks Plus on new TDK double density 3.5" disks.

Pictures available here: