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WTB List

Looking for the following:

Any Mini/MicroDock (floppy) with floppy drive
PowerBook 1xx series top cover (for a PowerBook 160)
DuoDock (original model with upgraded lid or II/Plus)
PowerBook 160/165 video cable (part # is 922-0820)
LC PDS cards (excluding IIe and Ethernet unless you have a Combo (BNC/10Base-T) card)
4 MB 30-pin SIMMS
Apple IIe card Y-Cable(s)
50-pin SCSI drives


Software: (on genuine floppies, please; I like collecting software)
System 7.0.1 in "System Disks" envelope to complete the LC II accessory kit I have laying around
System 7.1 HD disks
OS 8.5/OS 8.6/OS 9 CD
Now Utilities 3.0
Test Drive II: The Duel
Print Shop Deluxe
The Writing Center
ClarisWorks/AppleWorks 5 CD
Microsoft Works 3.0
Microsoft Word 5.1
Adobe Illustrator 88
Deja Vu
Crystal Quest
Crystal Crazy
FRAC (registered disks that you mailed a payment for back in the day)
Poing! (same as FRAC)
Movod II (same as above)
Manhunter San Francisco
Manhunter New York
Space/King/Police Quests (any of them on floppies)

In exchange, I can offer the following:
Power Macintosh 6/7/8100 cable that converts the special video input to standard DB-15
Zip 100 power brick
ADB cables (tons)
Tons of DB-9 serial cables
PhoneNet boxes w/ wires
ClarisWorks 2.1/2.0 demo disks (intended for educators)
OS X 10.2 with both disks, OS 9.2.1 CD, and all manuals (only for a proportional trade though)
HyperStudio demo disk
StorWare (early third-party disk formatter) floppy (bootable, has a blessed System 6 folder)
Microsoft Office 2001 Mac (OEM, requires separate license)
OnCue floppy (file manager system by ICOM)
Lotsa shareware software (mostly education)
Microsoft Works 2.0

Following will be for local trades only:
iMac Snow 600 MHz motherboard
Macintosh SE analog board/PSU
gutted Pismo chassis (includes top/bottom/motherboard/power board/56k modem. Not much else)
Power Macintosh 5400/120, needs new HD
Power Macintosh G3 AIO, gave me the magic smoke on startup. Probably needs a new analog board/PSU. Is a 266 MHz model with the Wings card installed.
lots of assorted ADB keyboards (one Apple Keyboard I, several Apple Keyboard IIs, and a ton of AppleDesign keyboards) and mice
boxed Macintosh floppy games (V for Victory III/PGA Tour Golf)
various PC parts (PM me for details)

No international sellers, sorry, as I can only pay with cash which is a pain to mail outside of the US.

Hope this tempts somebody!