Getting old files off a Syquest external Drive

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Getting old files off a Syquest external Drive

Help -

Here's the problem.

I have a lot of old files stored on 44,88 and 200MB 5.25" Syquest cartridges that I need to transfer to CDs and I recently aquired a 200MB Syquest Drive.

I have a Power Mac G4(no SCSI port) and an older LCIII (no USB port).

I understand that SCSI-USB adapters are available. If I hook my Syquest up to the G4 via the SCSI-USB adapter, will this do the job or are there more steps involved.

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SCSI-to-USB adapters do exist

SCSI-to-USB adapters do exist, but my experience with them is that they suck.

I think your best option would be to buy a PCI SCSI card for the G4 so you can connect the SyQuest drive.

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Does your LC III have a network card installed?
If so, and providing you've got a router or hub with more than one port (or an ethernet crossover cable) you should be able to set up networking between the LC III and the G4.

I'll also vouch for the utter crapiness of the usb-scsi adapters. You'd probably find an old adaptec scsi card for the G4 for cheaper anyway.

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I agree with eunn - a SCSI ca

I agree with eunn - a SCSI card for your G4 is probably the best way to go. They're easier to find, and cheap - and you probably want the data to end up on the newer Mac anyway, so might as well directly transfer it to the G4 in the first place.

As for USB-SCSI adapters, some of them do work under OS X, but you generally need to set the SCSI ID of the SCSI device (the Syquest) to 0, and it has to supply its own termination power. Not all peripherals allow you to set the ID to 0, and not all of them supply their own term power. And you'd probably need to put in a cartridge first, then plug the drive into the USB port in order for the Mac to recognize it. That'd mean that you might have to unplug and replug the drive from the G4 every time you needed to switch cartridges.

It's very cool to see an old SCSI peripheral working with a newer Mac over a USB-SCSI adapter - but if getting something done and saving hassle is more important than fun in this case, get a SCSI PCI card instead.

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Re: network?

You'd probably find an old adaptec scsi card for the G4 for cheaper anyway.

That's very true.

The PCI SCSI cards are very inexpensive ($5-$10 range perhaps?)

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