Airburst for Mac

I got the register information and now i'm unable to figure out where to ENTER the registration code and ALSO, I'm unable to simply click on the players to edit the balloons Cray 2 Cray 2

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IIRC your registration info should contain a key file, and to register you just drop that file into the airburst folder.

Bad news and Good news...

The bad news is that we've found that the current version of Airburst (1.054) forgets to display the Freeverse registration screen on startup, so once you've got a Freeverse code (these are different from the old keyfiles we used to use a year or so ago) there's nowhere to enter it. Chalk this up to a coder booboo (ie me).

The good news is that I've fixed it and we're prepping v1.055 of Airburst for release. Please bear with us while we sort out the server locations as we're trying to avoid the usual server meltdown when we release a new version. They'll probably still melt down, but hopefully it'll be later rather than sooner.