Shells available on NetBSD mac68k machine

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Shells available on NetBSD mac68k machine

Hi, all,

If anyone would like a shell with all the accoutrements on a real m68k Mac, please let me know. It is a Quadra 630 with 132 megs of memory, a clock doubled (50 MHz) m68040, 10 Mbps ethernet, static IPv4 and IPv6, a 750 gig internal IDE drive, and it's running NetBSD current.This machine is colocated with much more bandwidth than it can use, so (usually static) web hosting will be available, too.

Some pictures of the machine during the build process:

Please let me know if you're interested, and feel free to ask any questions here.

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I'm more interested in the how's and why's about this sytem. I have a small collection (2) of performa 630CD's hanging about the house.

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