FS: Decked-out Apple IIgs

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FS: Decked-out Apple IIgs

I'm selling an Apple IIgs setup very similar to what I regularly use.
The case is a Woz case, but the motherboard has been upgraded to "ROM3". This has the maybe-hard-to-find proto ROM3 I described in:

Contains a Sequential Systems 4MB RAM-GS memory card (manual included).
Contains a ZipGSX accelerator card.
Contains an Apple Hi-Speed SCSI card.
Contains an MDIdeas Supersonic sound card.

IIgs unit comes in original box, including keyboard and mouse.
Comes with the IIgs RGB monitor.
Comes with Kensington System Saver GS.
Comes with an APS external SCSI drive, partitioned into ProDos and HFS partitions.
Comes with an external 3.5" drive.
Comes with several manuals (see pictures).

Price is (gulp!) $450 + shipping from zip 97124. I think I may be able to get more than that if I sell the items piecemeal at eBay. Pricey, but it has all you need to get started on a high-end Apple IIgs setup. I may regret selling this, but it's better used than not.

Pictures at: http://picasaweb.google.com/simplepractices/FSAppleIIgsProtoROM34MBZipGSXSupersonicHSSCSI

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still available?

I don't suppose this set-up is still available?
It seems like everytime I give up searching, a load of great stuff comes along and I miss it all...

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If the photo is gone, then th

If the photo is gone, then the item has been sold.

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ah well...

Ah well,
Guess I'll keep on searching...

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