Personal Laserwriter LS woes

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Personal Laserwriter LS woes

After buying a new scanner and toner cartridge my LS sat unused for quite a few months. I got the idea of making my Mac Classic a print server for my wife's Macbook. Not sure if it is possible but to even get started I will need a working printer. The printer, which used to work, turns off and on every second or so once the power switch is turned on. After some debug I was pretty sure it was the power supply. I have read check the fuser lamp in this case and it appears to be fine.

The OEM supply provides +5V, +12V, +24V, and some AC (not sure of the voltage) for the fuser. I used a PC supply for +5v and +12V and the printer powered up and was seen by the Classic. It would also report there was no paper and when there was paper I got a different error since the fuser and 24V stuff was not powered.

I even found a guy that had a used one for sale. Put it in, same issue. While I was trying to debug it with a scope the LS powered on and I can even get it to print a test sheet by pressing the reset button. But the Classic has trouble seeing it, reporting no printer found or RX timeout. Both supplies do the same thing but it could be they are both bad. The fact the PC supply lets the printer communicate with the MAC is interesting.

I'll get back to it at some point. If I hadn't dumped money into it for the scanner motor and toner I'd probably junk it. But it prints a real nice test page Smile