FS:Power Mac G5 Tower up on the Bay

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FS:Power Mac G5 Tower up on the Bay

I have decided to upgrade my G5 to a Mac Mini, so I put my G5 tower up on ebay. It is pretty decked out, and is in very nice condition, This is the auction
These are the specs:
Dual PPC 970 (G5) running at 1.8Ghz
6GB DDR RAM (4x 1GB, 4x 512MB)
1TB Western Digital "Green" SATA 7200RPM Hard Drive
GeForce 6200 AGP 8x w/ 256MB GDDR RAM
USB 5-port PCI Card, Wifi Card (Takes place of the airport, comes with external antenna, 802.11b/g) Onboard Gig-Ethernet, USB 2.0, Firewire 400/800, DVD-+RW DL, digital in/out (optical) analog in/out, 56k Modem (I believe), Apple Pro Keyboard (from an iMac DV) and Microsoft Mouse.

Bid opens at $460, so please bid only if you have the intent to buy.